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By cassandra65, 9, August 2016 | #conferences

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With Koffeed, your conference can be a much more engaging and interactive experience for attendees and businesses.

A conference has several aspects to it: workshops, networking, companies showcasing their brand, and now social media.

Having social media accounts and creating a hashtag is the first step to get attendees to engage on social media, but you can take it a step further by having a live feed of those posts.

The Influence of Koffeed

With the power of Twitter, Koffeed shows the tweets containing the hashtags and keywords that you choose for the feed. With the live feed, attendees will be encouraged to tweet about their experience and see their tweets on a big display.

With real-time updates, use Koffeed to see what insight people are acquiring from the workshops or the connections that are being made in the networking period. Companies/businesses can tweet about their presence in the conference and where their booth/table is located, especially if the conference is in a large space.

You can also help attendees throughout the conference by posting about the schedule of the conference and any changes to it, informing attendees where they can get their questions answered or answer their questions right on Twitter and the response will be displayed on the feed.

If you want to determine if the live feed is successful or not, you don’t have to wait until the conference is over. Koffeed’s analytics displays how much engagement there has been and you can change the live feed accordingly.

Make your conference memorable and impress the attendees and businesses so much that they will have something to tweet about even after the conference, and that’s possible with Koffeed.

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