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By lauren, 2, May 2016 | #eventplanning

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Koffeed is a social aggregation tool that helps you harness the power of social in a completely unique way... See what Koffeed can do for your business!

It seems like everyone is constantly looking for the next best thing in technology. And why not? Right behind your favorite app from yesterday is a brand new one that has 20 additional features. It’s amazing what a fast-paced world we live in!

With this in mind, it’s important to stay on top of trends by using solid tools that help you expand your social reach. Koffeed is the perfect tool to not only help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends, but also to engage your target audience.

Koffeed helps you engage with your audience and start conversations!

Appeasing your clients has never been as easy as it is with Koffeed’s never-ending wall of quality content. Koffeed is a creative social tool that allows everyone from event planners to business owners to harness the abundant power of social media.

Want more traction aimed toward your incredible brand? Along with providing your audience with a unique and fun way to interact by utilizing Koffeed you will also be ensuring that people are talking about you. Koffeed keeps conversations going so that their interaction and your reach go hand-in-hand.

Now, What Is Koffeed?

Koffeed is a Twitter display wall that updates in real-time when people use your chosen keywords on Twitter. Carefully select the hashtags you deem fit for your event or business and every time someone uses it the wall will display their posted content. This encourages people to engage more! Who doesn’t want to see their post on the big screen?

With Koffeed, you can also customize the display wall so that when people interact they see your logo, your brand colors and your chosen hashtag. At the end of the day, your brand’s outreach is what is important. Koffeed keeps this in mind by allowing users to track and measure the results of your campaign. Analyzing your wall’s performance will allow you to tweak your keywords so that you can get the best results possible!


What Are The Best Uses For This Tool?

Showing off your wonderful product is easy with Koffeed!

You choose what personalized keywords work best to represent your business or brand and we provided you with a live photo stream of Twitter interaction, which updates each time someone uses your chosen hashtag(s)!

Aggregating your guests’ content in one digital arena, Koffeed forms a cloud of social interaction that get your audience’s attention and keep it!

Use Koffeed to engage your audience with up-to-date news!

This is perfect for large events such as conferences, museums, or concert and banquet halls! You can place various live Koffeed streams around your venue to create the ultimate interactive experience.

Koffeed can be greatly beneficial as an add on to your small business or private practice. Not only can you promote yourself, but you can also keep your patients informed and alert them with via live wall of updates on conversations that are important to them.

Maybe you want to find out what your guests’ are talking about? By having Koffeed in your restaurant, bar, or boutique, you can.

Sports fan? Keep up with the latest news on your favorite teams! When people come to your bar and to watch the big NBA, MLB or NFL games, use Koffeed as an awesome way initiate exciting exchanges between fellow fans!

If you are an entertainer, politician, or educator you can greatly benefit from Koffeed during your Q&A sessions.  Allow people to send you questions through Koffeed that you may address quickly and accurately.


To conclude, in our internet-driven culture people are on their phones as much, if not more, than they are on their desktops and laptops. This untapped majority is who Koffeed aims to interact with. This simple and efficient tool can be the difference between losing your audience’s interest and retaining it.
Start a debate. Promote your brand. Excite the crowd. Introduce new ideas. Create meaningful conversations. Just have good old fun socializing, exchanging pictures, and forming connections with your audience! Koffeed does all and so can you!

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